Actual amount of investments broken down by Branches

Branch 2009
Disbursement, VAT exclusive Commissioning of Fixed Assets, VAT exclusive Financing, VAT inclusive Commissioning of capacity Capacity gain
million RUB million RUB km MVAMegavolt-Ampere. Unit of measurement of electrical capacity km MVA
Belgorodenergo 2,467 2,464 2,404 945 146 690 139
Bryanskenergo 324 238 294 23 31 0.9 30
Voronezhenergo 603 788 500 100 158 41 147
Kostromaenergo 230 471 227 104 65 104 65
Kurskenergo 491 350 439 311 50 230 42
Lipetskenergo 655 1,053 826 218 152 126 144
Orelenergo 266 445 221 70 69 45 6
Smolenskenergo 304 597 208 122 23 37 10
Tambovenergo 170 228 235 26 55 10 30
Tverenergo 536 555 578 264 35 69 22
Yarenergo 473 488 500 230 94 98 50
Executive Office 11 11 9 0 0 0 0
Total for IDGC of Centre 6,529 7,687 6,440 2,414 877 1,449 685
Branch 2010
Disbursement, VAT exclusive Commissioning of Fixed Assets, VAT exclusive Financin, VAT inclusive Commissioning of capacity Capacity gain
million RUB million RUB km MVA km million RUB
Belgorodenergo 3,682 3,700 4,639 1,561 192 1,023 172
Bryanskenergo 733 528 455 93 90 57 72
Voronezhenergo 946 883 1,090 611 91 500 49
Kostromaenergo 411 302 367 237 19 233 18
Kurskenergo 1,222 1,129 1,138 227 116 157 111
Lipetskenergo 1,370 1,043 958 314 146 221 109
Orelenergo 310 354 272 29 65 29 40
Smolenskenergo 455 328 491 207 17 117 9
Tambovenergo 224 256 215 125 71 105 41
Tverenergo 860 828 863 422 135 166 48
Yarenergo 901 642 897 329 108 167 102
Executive Office 1,116 15 1,118 0 0 0 0
Total for IDGC of Centre 12,230 10,009 12,504 4,155 1,050 2,777 770
Branch 2011
Disbursement, VAT exclusive Commissioning of Fixed Assets, VAT exclusive Financing, VAT inclusive Commissioning of capacity Capacity gain
million RUB million RUB km MVA km million RUB
Belgorodenergo 3,818 4,442 4,558 1,528 272 1,253 217
Bryanskenergo 621 930 646 86 52 63 29
Voronezhenergo 1,755 1,581 1,909 358 313 238 164
Kostromaenergo 1,026 904 1,037 223 63 144 10
Kurskenergo 821 892 900 320 110 222 49
Lipetskenergo 2,094 1,070 2,968 374 293 308 221
Orelenergo 504 498 617 169 20 0 9
Smolenskenergo 1,284 615 1,329 301 22 173 13
Tambovenergo 924 810 1,035 198 151 167 143
Tverenergo 1,175 1,078 1,282 344 79 118 58
Yarenergo 1,138 1,076 1,490 730 116 500 87
Executive Office 37 4 10 —  —  —  — 
Total for IDGC of Centre 15,195 13,900 17,782 4,630 1,490 3,186 1,001

Information on the activities implemented by Branches of IDGC of Centre in 2011


In 2011, the branch reconstructed:

  • SS 110/6 kV “Belgorod”, supplying electricity to large estates of individual housing and socially important facilitiess of the regional center;
  • SS 110 kV “Chemical Plant” in Shebekino, which provides electricity to most of the consumers of the town, “Good-Paint” and Belgorod Plant of sapphires “Moncrystal”;
  • SS “Dredge” in the Belgorod region, SS “Zozuly” — in Borisovsky, SS “Golovchino” in Graivoronsky district, as well as the substationSubstation, electric installation designed to convert and distribute electric power “Rakitnoe-110” and 6 other substations located in Valuisky, Prokhorovsky, Korochansky districts and the city of Gubkin.

Arc suppression reactors were installed at the 110 kV substations “North”, “Oak”, “Shebekino”, “Builder” and “Avtoremzavod”.

The main projects of the year were the complex reconstruction of high-voltage substations “Chemical Plant”, “Belgorod” and “Dredge”, which is due to the need for moral and physical wear and tear of equipment. The substations were actually constructed anew: outdoor switchgears and equipment of bus bar sections were completely replaced, modern vacuum and SF6 circuit breakers were installed instead of the outdated oil switches, electro-mechanical relay protection panels were replaced with microprocessor.

Thanks to the reconstruction the reliability of power supply of important social and industrial facilities of the cities of Belgorod and Shebekino was significantly increased. Such socially important facilities like the airport, bus station, Belgorod State University and Regional Hospital are powered from the substation 110 kV “Belgorod”; the 35 kV substation “Dredge” supplies power, in particular, to the hotel complex “Belogorie” and a projected zoo in the village of Sosnovka. To increase the energy capacity of the Belgorod plant of sapphires “Moncrystal” power engineers under a contract for technological connection upgraded the substation 110 kV “Chemical Plant” located in Shebekino.

In 2011, the work continued on the replacement of 35-110 kV power transformers at the feeding centers in order to eliminate the power deficit in the region. As a result, the total capacity of power transformers in substations has increased by 36,3 MVAMegavolt-Ampere. Unit of measurement of electrical capacity and reached 3293,4 MVA.

In addition, the power engineers installed 11 devices to compensate for capacitive currents of 6-10 kV at a substation of 110 kV. This will significantly improve the reliability of high voltage equipment in case of single-phase earth fault and therefore improve the quality of electricity supply to consumers. In addition, experts of the branch upgraded equipment for fault location in the 6-110 kV grid and automatic OLTC power transformer switching.

Reactors operated single-phase of oil-filled type were installed at power facilities, high-frequency chokes and reactor automatic control was installed, the installation of relay protection and automation was completed.


March 24, 2011 the reconstructed substation 110/35/10 kV “Pochep” was commissioned. Costs for reconstruction amounted to more than 500 million RUB. The upgrade of the substation allows to provide a reliable energy supply to a plant for disposal of chemical weapons in the settlement of Pochep. During the reconstruction the replacement of the transformer the capacity of SS “Pochep” was increased up to 50 MVA. This considerably increased the reliability of power supply of the district center, the facilities of OJSC “RZD” and a wood processing plant. At the substation, the outdoor switchgear 110 kV was completely renovated, in part — Switchgear 35 kV. 8 gas-insulated circuit breakers were installed, which replaced the oil ones. 46 advanced vacuum circuit breakers, 33 disconnectors RG-110 with remotely controlled actuators were installed in the bays of the switchgear. To monitor the condition of the equipment and control switching devices a set of remote control was implemented. The new substation control room, combined with an indoor switchgear of 10 kV, is equipped with a fire-alarm systems and air-conditioning, which increases safety and improves the working conditions of staff.

The reconstruction of the substation “Pochep” was accompanied by the modernization of the substation “Hop,” “High”, “Desna-2” and “Valuets”. The work of their power equipment is in conjunction with the equipment of “Pochep” and also affects the reliable power supply of facilities, powered by the substation. The work on installation of cabinets relay protection panels Conductor-110 kV and high-frequency chokes and capacitors was performed at SS “Hop”, “High”, “Desna-2”, and “Valuets”. The constructed during the renovation bypass bus system has increased the number of redundant supply lines from two to five, which significantly increased the reliability of power supply in the district.


At 110 kV substation № 10 “Central” the installation of two bays of the gas-insulated switchgear and control gear was fully completed. The construction of the CL-110 kV from SS № 2 to SS № 10 “Central” continued.

A socially significant project is being implemented on the street lighting in 11 micro-districts of the city of Voronezh and five districts of the Voronezh region with the modernization of existing networks and the use of modern energy saving technologies.

A distribution substation-10 kV with a feeding CL-10 kV was commissioned for power supply of plants for the production of mineral boards and transformers “Armax” and “Siemens” in the industrial park “Maslovka”.

The modernization of SS 110/35/10 kV № 32, “Nikolskoye” with the replacement of transformers 2×16 MVA for 2×25 MVA (115,28 million RUB) was completed, the reconstruction of SS 110/10 kV № 36 “Collective Farm “Voronezh” with the replacement of transformers of 6,3 MVA and 10 MVA for transformers 2×25 MVA (127,00 million RUB) was performed.

To supply pig farms of LLC “AIC AGROEKO” the following was implemented:

Technical upgrade of SS 110/10 kV “Kalacheevskaya”, SS 35/10 kV “N. Kriusha” with the installation of VCB-10 kV; modernization of SS 110/35/10 kV “Novokhopersk”, SS 35/10 kV “Red”, SS 35/10 kV “Vorontsovka”, SS 35/10 kV “Petrovka” with the installation of 10 kV bays.


A number of measures for the reconstruction of power grid facilities were performed: the replacement of current and voltage transformers of 110 kV was made, arc protection for 17 substations 35/110 kV was installed, high-voltage bushings and other pieces of equipment were replaced.

The complex reconstruction of SS 110 kV “Ilinskoe” and a second 110 kV 2,5 MVA transformer at the substation “Loparevo” was installed.

A comprehensive reconstruction of the substation “East 1” was completed, two new 110 kV transformers of 25 MVA each were installed for power increase at the substation. During the reconstruction, not only the outdated equipment was replaced, but also technical novelties were used: principally new devices were used for relay protection and automation, remote control, modern gas-insulated circuit breakers were installed. In addition, SS “East-1” has two multi-faceted metal 110 kV poles installed. The work was performed at the existing substation in stages without interruption in power supply of consumers.


The first stage of reconstruction of SS 110/6 kV “Hothouse” is complete, which is the center of power for the consumers of social, communal, agricultural and industrial sectors in the area of Magistralny proezd in the city of Kursk. As a result of the modernization of the facility the reliability of power supply of Seymsky district of the Regional Center will increase, and will also create reserve capacity for electricity supply. A new transformer 110/6/6 kV rated at 25 MVA and one 6 kV switchgear of modular construction was installed and put into operation in the substation.

The of the wire on the section of 0.27 km and 1.63 km of ground wire was replaced on the Conductor 110 kV “Gubkin — Gorshechnoye”. 212 pieces of line fittings of insulators, reinforced concrete (33 pcs.) and metal poles (2 thousand) were replaced. In the double-circuit 110 kV section cable line (tap from the Conductor-110 kV “TEC — 1 — Forest” № 1, № 2) the cable was laid in the section with a total length of 1400 m with the installation of cable couplers and cable spiking under a road and railway.

In order to implement the national program for the development of agriculture under the contracts for technological connection the work was performed for power supply to the poultry plants in the Kursk region, in the settlement of Gorshechnoye of OJSC “Kursk Agroholding”, CJSC “Agrocomplex” Mansurovo" pig farms of LLC “Agropromkomplektatsiya-Kursk”, CJSC" Agro-Industrial Center “Fatezhsky”, LLC “Pristensky Pig Farm”.


For the power supply of a section of the federal highway M-4 “Don”, going through the Lipetsk region, 27.7 kilometers of 10 kV overhead lines and 7.8 kilometers of 10 kV cable lines were constructed. The construction was performed with the use of self-supporting insulated wire (SIW).

The substations “Cossack”, “Kolesovo”, “Gnilusha”, “Aurora”, “Horse-Well” of 35/10 kV and the substation “Khlevnoye” of 110/35/10 kV were reconstructed, which supply electricity to the Lipetsk section M4 highway “Don”. In particular, the commissioning of the relay protection was performed and the calculation for bays installation was made.

The construction of 14.5 km of an overhead power line for the special economic zone at the regional level “Chaplyginskaya” was completed.


According to the program to increase the reliability of electricity supply to consumers the project of reconstruction of a 10 kV overhead line with the ROW expansion in Khotynetsky district of the region was implemented in full. For this purpose, the branch spent 14 million RUB.

In preparation for the autumn-winter operation period the reconstruction of 0.4 kV overhead lines in the village of Setenevo of Pokrovsky district, settlement of Selhoztehnikumovsky of Glazunovsky district, one 0.4 kV overhead line in settlement of Zhilino and settlement of Stanovoy Kolodez of the Orel region was completed.

The reconstruction of 110 kV “Steel Horse 1.2” was fully completed, thus improving the reliability of power delivery from the Orel cogeneration plant to supply the city of Orel. This facility was included into the investment program at the request of the system operator Kursk TCC of OJSC “UES of Russia”. Rostekhnadzor supervised the work performance. Mechanical locks (mechanical lockout of Genodman) were installed at 60 substations of the branch.


The priority was the implementation of regional programs in preparation for the celebration of the 1150th anniversary of Smolensk: construction of the CL-0.4, 6 kV and the construction of the TS-6/0.4 kV in Smolensk, Rylenkov Street; reconstruction of CL-6 kV DS-21 TS of the equestrian school in the settlement of Odintsovo in Smolensk; construction of TS “FOK” CL-6 kV and reconstruction of DS-20 (fitness center) on Chernyakhovsky Street in Smolensk. In order to improve the reliability of electricity supply 285.5 km of power lines of different voltage levels were commissioned, 15.4 km of fiber-optic communication lines were laid.

The construction of the CL-0.4 kV, DS-12 SS “South” for technological connection of a kindergarten for 150 kids in the city of Smolensk on Gagarin Street was completed (on the application of RGD “Capital Construction Administration” of the Smolensk region).


The electric grid infrastructure was created, which will provide grid connection and reliable power supply to a poultry production unit. A new substation 110/10 kV “PTF” was constructed, the substations 110/35/10 kV “Inzhavinskaya” and 35/10 “Nikitinskaya” were reconstructed.

Conductor-110 kV from SS 110/35/10 kV “Inzhavinskaya” to SS 110/10 kV “PTF” was constructed, taps of Conductor 35 kV from Conductor 35 kV “PTF” to SS 35/10 kV “Nikitinskaya”, CL-10 kV and a package transformer substation 10/0.4 kV from SS 110/10 kV “PTF”, Conductor-10 kV and a package transformer substation 10/0.4 kV from SS 35/10 kV “Nikitinskaya”, Conductor-10 kV and a package transformer substation 10/0.4 kV from SS 110/35/10 “Inzhavinskaya”. The commissioning in the physical parameters is: 65.494 km and 84,4 MVA. The total customer contract of the facilities of the poultry production unit is 19.709 MWMegawatt.

The construction of Conductor 10/0.4 kV for agricultural facilities was performed — 57,942 thousand rubles, including:

power supply of an elevator with a capacity of 100 thousand tons (OJSC “Tokarevsky CCP”) — 2,736 thousand rubles (6.42 km of 10 kV Conductor), construction of Conductor-10kV to the feeding farm unit 2B of the modular complex for 100 thousand pigs a year at the address: Tambov region, Gavrilovsky district, village of B. Nechaevka — 439 thousand rubles (0.7 km of 10 kV Conductor); power supply of facilities of the dairy farm for 1176 heads in the village of New Sloboda, Sosnovsky district, Tambov region (LLC “Agrofirma ‘Zhupikov’) — 1,841 thousand rubles (1.141 km of 10 kV Conductor, 1 MVA package transformer substation 10/0.4 kV); power supply of a modular complex for 100 thousand pigs per year in the village of Sofyino, Gavrilovsky district, Tambov region, the farm ‘Khryachnik’ — 4,817 thousand rubles. (6.17 km of 10 kV Conductor, 0,32 MVA package transformer substation 10/0.4 kV); power supply of a feed plant with a capacity of 15 tons per hour for preparation of feed for a pig-breeding complex in LLC ‘Central’ in Nikiforovsky district, Tambov region (applicant — LLC ‘Central’) — 947 thousand rubles (0.47 km of 10 kV Conductor); power supply of a cattle-breeding complex in the village of Goreloye (applicant — CJSC ‘Agrocomplex’ Tambovsky”) — 1,643 thousand rubles (0.548 km of 10 kV Conductor, 0,8 MVA package transformer substation 10/0.4 kV); power supply of a cattle-breeding complex located at the address: Tambov region, Tambovsky district, village of Surava (applicant — CJSC “Agrocomplex” Tambovsky") — 5,025 thousand rubles (7.654 km of 10 kV Conductor, 1,26 MVA package transformer substation 10/0.4 kV); power supply of facilities of a dairy complex, located at the address: Tambov region, Pichaevsky district (applicant — LLC “Megafirm “Sheremeyevo”) — 12,229 thousand rubles (21.09 km of 10 kV Conductor, 1,43 MVA package transformer substation 10/0.4 kV); power supply of a production and milk processing complex with a capacity of 25,000 liters/day in the village of Mednoye, Sampursky district of the Tambov region (applicant — LLC “Tambov-milk”) — 26,723 thousand rubles (18.788 km of 10 kV Conductor, 4,58 MVA package transformer substation 10/0.4 kV).

As part of the special program for improving the reliability of power supply IDGC of Centre performed the reconstruction of switchgear and control gear of 10 kV at the substation 110/35/10 kV “Khmelevskaya”. The construction and installation work on the reconstruction was performed in the period from July to September 2011, the total cost of the works was more than 4,5 million RUB. Instead of the outdated oil switches in the bays of the switchgear and control gear of external installation at the SS “Khmelevskaya” nine modern vacuum circuit breakers were installed, which are reliable in operation throughout the life cycle.


The program on reconstruction of the 110 kV “V. Volochek-Bologoye”, substations 110 kV “Redkino” and 110 kV “Bezborodovo”, 35kV № 9 and № 11 with the replacement of bays of Complete distribution device of external installation, circuit breakers, disconnectors and transformers was implemented.

The project on installation in vehicles of operational and maintenance crews of a satellite navigation system that allows real-time monitoring of vehicles’ location was completed.


The reconstruction of the voltage control devices of power transformers at the 35 kV substations “Highlands”, “Fathers”, “Solomidino”, “Berendeevo” and “Bathing” in Pereslavlsky district of the Yaroslavl region was completed. 1,5 million RUB was spent on it.

At SS “Polygraph” isolating switches and short-circuiting switches were replaced with gas-insulated 110 kV circuit breakers, with the replacement of 110 kV current transformers and the reconstruction of the relay protection and automation devices.

During the work on the 35kV overhead line “Shashkovo-Left bank”, which lasted from June to December, the reconstruction of 15.5 km of a single circuit section was performed. Instead, a double circuit 35 kV Conductor was constructed similar to the length of the existing ROW. The replacement of wire type AC-35 for wire type AC-120 resulted in the increase of the total transmission capacity of the line. In addition, in the places where the line turns, of its intersection with the highways and in other difficult areas 19 anchor poles were replaced from reinforced concrete to metal. The reconstruction cost 47 million RUB.

Areas of the Investment Program broken down by Branches, million RUB

Area 2009 2010 2011
Belgorodenergo 2,467 3,682 3,818
Retooling and modernization 1,006 1,493 1,625
New construction 1,301 1,729 2,139
Other 160 461 54
Bryanskenergo 324 733 621
Retooling and modernization 279 715 457
New construction 45 19 156
Other 0 0 8
Voronezhenergo 603 946 1,755
Retooling and modernization 405 730 1,171
New construction 198 216 579
Other 0 0 5
Kostromaenergo 230 411 1,026
Retooling and modernization 38 325 648
New construction 182 85 374
Other 9 0 4
Kurskenergo 491 1,222 821
Retooling and modernization 245 801 440
New construction 181 420 380
Other 65 0 0
Lipetskenergo 655 1,370 2,094
Retooling and modernization 117 410 958
New construction 502 960 1,135
Other 36 0 1
Orelenergo 266 310 504
Retooling and modernization 202 277 327
New construction 64 33 177
Other 0 0 0
Smolenskenergo 304 455 1,284
Retooling and modernization 222 299 1,012
New construction 27 156 270
Other 56 0 2
Tambovenergo 170 224 924
Retooling and modernization 162 189 387
New construction 7 35 537
Other 1 0 0
Tverenergo 536 860 1,175
Retooling and modernization 437 835 1,056
New construction 66 25 117
Other 33 0 1
Yarenergo 473 901 1,138
Retooling and modernization 269 560 384
New construction 185 340 730
Other 20 0 24
Executive Office IDGC 11 1,116 37
Retooling and modernization 11 16 37
New construction 0 0 0
Other 0 1,100 0
Total for IDGC of Centre 6,529 12,230 15,195
Retooling and modernization 3,392 6,649 8,519
New construction 2,759 3,935 6,576
Other 379 1,646 99
Including by programs: 4,592 16,657 11,487
Grid connection 4,592 3,832 4,610
Renovation of main and auxiliary equipment 5,550 3,272
Energy conservation and energy efficiency —  4,188 2,351
Development of systems for emergency and operation automation 239 99
Creation of remote control and communication systems —  418 782
Installation of voltage control and reactive power compensation devices —  27 8
Use of innovative technologies and equipment —  2,116 124
Measures for counter-terrorism security of facilities —  283 193
Emergency reserve restocking —  4 48