In 2011, the volume of capital investments of IDGC of Centre, JSC amounted to
RUB 15.2 bn.

For the reporting period IDGC of Centre, JSC spent RUB 8.5 bn of its capital investments on retrofitting and renovating its facilities. RUB 6.6 bn were invested in new construction and building extensions during the reporting period. Fixed assets in the amount of RUB 13.9 bn were commissioned in 2011.

In physical terms, 4,630 km of power lines and 1,490 MVAMegavolt-Ampere. Unit of measurement of electrical capacity of transformer capacity were commissioned.

Detailed information on the volume of investments for 2009-2011 by the Company’s branches, segments, purpose-oriented programmes and measures is given in Annex No. 3 of this Report.

Actual volume of investments of IDGC of Centre, JSC in 2009-2011:

Period Disbursement (net of VAT) Commissioning
of fixed assets (net of VAT)
Financing (VAT included) Commissioning of capacities Capacity gain
bn RUB km MVA km MVA
2009 6.53 7.69 6.44 2,414 877 1,449 685
2010 12.23 10.01 12.50 4,155 1,050 2,777 770
2011 15.20 13.90 17.78 4,630 1,490 3,186 1,001

As the Company’s branches have transferred to RAB regulation, capital investments have been increasing since 2009. This is connected with the renovation of fixed assets, the purpose of which is the lowering of deterioration rates for equipment and infrastructure of the distribution power grid complex and the provision for growing consumer demand for electrical power, and the implementation of regional programmes in the regions of the Russian Federation.

In 2011, the Company implemented a number of major projects, information on which is presented below.

Branch Project name Investments (actual),

mn RUB

Commissioning of capacities, units of measurement
Belgorodenergo 110/6 kV Belgorod-110 SubstationSubstation, electric installation designed to convert and distribute electric power: renovation of 110 kV outdoor switchgear with replacement of equipment, panels of relay protection and automatic equipment, replacement of power transformers, replacement of 6 kV bays on the 3rd and 4th 6 kV bus bars 233 80 MVA
Belgorodenergo Purpose-oriented reliability enhancement programme 271
Belgorodenergo Assurance of reliability of electric power supply with renovation of 110 kV Khimzavod Substation 187
Bryanskenergo Renovation of 110/6 kV Sovetskaya Substation 103 40 MVA
Voronezhenergo Renovation of 110/10 kV No. 36 S/z Voronezhsky Substation with replacement of 6.3 MVA and 10 MVA transformers by 2×25 MVA transformers 121 50 MVA
Voronezhenergo Renovation of 35/10 kV N. Usman—1 Substation with transfer to 110 kV voltage class 152 50 MVA
Voronezhenergo Construction of 10 kV Distribution Substation for power supply of Siemens and Armax facilities with 10 kV feeding cable lines 165 13 km
Smolenskenergo Automated information and measuring system of commercial energy metering for the retail electricity market of Smolensk and towns of Smolensk Oblast 110
Tambovenergo Construction of 110/10 kV Substation PTF (poultry production unit in Inzhavino settlement) 106 32 MVA
Tambovenergo Construction of 10/0.4 kV Package Transformer Substation (poultry production unit in Inzhavino settlement) 104 44 MVA

More detailed information on measures and projects implemented in each branch of IDGC of Centre, JSC in 2011 is indicated in Annex No. 3 of this Report.