Corporate Governance Rating

IDGC of Centre, JSC is the only company of the power grid complex possessing a national corporate governance rating of NCGR 7+ (National Corporate Governance Rating 7+) for “Advanced Corporate Governance Practices”, measured by the NCGR scale (assigned by the Consortium of the Russian Institute of Directors and Rating Agencies, Expert RA — RID Expert RA).

The corporate governance practice of IDGC of Centre, JSC is rated positive. The Company bears low corporate governance risks, complies with the requirements of Russian corporate governance legislation, follows most of the guidelines of the Russian Code of Corporate ConductApproved and recommended to the issuers by Regulation No. 421/r of the Federal Securities and Exchange Commission of the Russian Federation of April 04, 2002. and certain guidelines of the best international corporate governance practices.

For more information on the assigned rating and reports on the corporate governance practices adopted by the Company, visit the corporate website of the Company at the address: