Skills Pool

In 2011 the Company continued its work related to the creation of a skills pool for the management positions of IDGC of Centre, JSC. Pursuant to the Regulation on the Skills Pool of IDGC of Centre, JSCApproved by order of IDGC of Centre, JSC No. 248 of October 27, 2008., a personnel reserve will be formed and updated for all executive posts.

Currently, the Company’s skills pool amounts to 3,288 employees.

For the purpose of inclusion in the reserve for management positions, the most qualified and promising employees with high qualification and leadership skills were identified.

In addition, the Company formed a personnel reserve of new employees for involvement in solving of the current problems of the power grid complex, improvement of their professional competence, and for their career development.

The system of reserve training includes individual planning of professional growth of a specialist. Such individual development planning provides for the following methods and techniques: the involvement of a candidate in personnel training; the inclusion in creative teams for solving of technical and organisational challenges; practical training in a higher position for the period of absence of a regular worker; delegation of execution of draft documents, instructions or reports; and engagement as tutors or instructors in training courses, and development of educational programmes or guidelines.