Organisation of health protection of the employees and improvement of occupational safety

Assurance of professional health and occupational safety of personnel is one of the main priorities of the personnel policy of IDGC of Centre, JSC.

The Company devotes much attention to the reduction of risk of injuries by the third parties at the facilities of IDGC of Centre, JSC. The following measures are taken as a part of this programme:

  • improvement of the occupational safety management system;
  • organisation of work on prevention of accidents and occupational diseases;
  • inspection of workplaces;
  • organisation of the safe execution of work;
  • training of personnel and staff relations;
  • psycho-physiological support of personnel work;
  • provision of transport occupational safety;
  • use of personal protective equipment;
  • improvement of the operational dispatching management system and ensuring of safety within electrical installation settings.

For the purposes of compliance with the current labour legislation of the Russian Federation and on the basis of the Regulations on Occupational Safety Management System, the Company provides for health inspections of personnel. Registration of employees engaged in harmful, hazardous and arduous working conditions is maintained. The registration is performed on the basis of the data on the results of attestation of the workplaces by the working conditions. In accordance with the labour legislation of the Russian Federation and Collective Bargaining Agreement, the specified categories of the employees are provided with additional compensation (additional leave, free issuance of milk and other equivalent food products according to the established norms).

Pursuant to the Rules for Staff Relations in the Power Industry Organisations of the Russian Federation approved by Order No. 49 of the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of February 19, 2000, all persons taking part in employment with harmful and arduous working conditions shall undergo training with respect to safe methods and techniques of performance of work. Existing employees undergo regular training with respect to occupational safety, and certain categories of employees are involved in safety competence assessments.

In 2011, IDGC of Centre, JSC arranged training on first-aid treatment in case of emergencies at the place of work and training of instructor-resuscitators, moreover, using its own funds the Company carried out the compulsory education and attestation of the employees stipulated by the regulations on labour protection and industrial safety.

In 2011, expenses related to occupational safety amounted to RUB 367.8 mn. Financing was aimed to provide personnel with new protection equipment and devices, in order to reduce the risk of injuries in performance of work. The Company plans to maintain high standards in the sphere of organisation of health protection of employees and improvement of occupational safety.