Strategic Vision

IDGC of Centre, JSC’s strategic objective is to become a leader among IDGCs by 2016 — the most reliable, technological and dynamically developing company in the industry.

The key conditions of and parameters for IDGC of Centre, JSC’s strategic development and that of the distribution power grid complex in general are set out in the Russian Power Strategy for the period to 2030, approved by the Russian Government’s Resolution No. 1715-r of November 13, 2009 (to be referred to from now on as the “Power Strategy 2030”).

A strategy for the development of IDGC Holding, JSC through 2015, and for the longer term until 2020, was approved as part of the Power Strategy 2030 in November 2011. Within this framework, medium-term strategic priorities for the power grid complex were set:

  • Improving the quality and reliability of electric power supply to end-users.
  • Husbanding our supply of tariff investments through renovation and development of networks.
  • Enhancing operating and investment efficiency.
  • Increasing the Company, while creating additional value both in the electric power industry and in new markets.
  • Improving interaction with consumers, society and investors.

The priorities underlying IDGC of Centre, JSC’s development strategy are the secure provision of power, efficiency and investment.

The efficiency of the power grid complex is a figure expressed by the relationship between the positive effect of performance and the expenditure of resources. Entering into this complex calculation are the technical condition of assets, transfer capacity and the rational use of resources.

By power system security (reliability) what is meant is the protection of the regions for which we are responsible, and their people and economy, from any threats to the reliable supply of power. Such threats could arise from external factors or the status and functioning of the power industry of the region.

The key idea is to prioritise tasks relating to enhancing the efficiency of investments in new construction, modernisation and the retrofitting of power grid facilities, subject to the strict observance of power supply reliability standards.

Along with absolute reliability, this means foregrounding financial and economic priorities, as well as such factors as security, the satisfaction of consumer needs, the image and reputation of the Company, the need to ensure sustainable development and due consideration for the requirements of regulatory authorities.

In 2011, the Company implemented the following measures as part of this key (priority) development direction:

In line with its declared mission and taking into account the strategic analysis of both internal and external environment carried out by the Company’s management, strategic milestones have been worked out to measure the Company’s further development, taking advantage both of outside opportunities and of the Company’s strengths.

Opportunities (external environment) Strengths (internal environment)
  • Extension of terms and reduction of costs of atrracting borrowed capital to the Company through mobilisation of long-term borrowings.
  • Integrated tariff formation policy.
  • Enhanced interest of credit organisations and participants of the stock market in power grid companies.
  • State policy for enhancing economic performance (in terms of energy conservation and efficiency).
  • Legislation for obtaining status of last resort provider.
  • Expandability of the market of additional power grid services (through separate services), energy conservation services, billing services.
  • Continual upgrades of technologies and production facilities in the market.
  • Interest from the investment community, availability of potential for the growth of the Company’s shares in relation to comparable foreign companies.
  • Entrance to the bond market.